Animal Science Departemen FPP-UMM  has several facilities to support teaching and learning activities and practice. These facilities consists of a Basic Laboratory, Skills Laboratory, Experimental Farm, Computer Laboratory and Language Laboratory. The parts of this laboratory are as follows: 

  1. Basic Laboratories
    1. Biology Laboratory
    2. Physic Laboratory
    3. Chemistry Laboratory
  2. Skill Laboratories
    1. Animal Husbandry Laboratory (dairy cows, beef cattle, goats, sheep, broilers, laying hens, biogas, forage).
    2. Animal Husbandry Food and Nutrition Laboratory
    3. Livestock Product Technology Laboratory
    4. Livestock Breeding and Reproduction Laboratory
    5. Livestock Health Laboratory
    6. Socio-economics Laboratory
    7. Microbiologiy Laboratory
    8. Chicken Slaughterhouse.
  3. Experimental Farm

The UMM Animal Science Department also has Eksperimental Farm, managed commercially, so it is not only for the students and lecturers, but also for profitable aims. The units in Experimental Farm are :

    1. Unit of Dairy Cows Cage
    2. Unit of Beef Cattle Cage
    3. Unit of Laying Hens Cage
    4. Unit of Broilers Cage
    5. Unit of Goats Cage
    6. Unit of Sheep Cage
    7. Unit of Poultry Research Cage
    8. Unit of Ruminansia Research Cage
    9. Unit of Hatchery
    10. Unit of Biogas Installation.
  1. Computer Laboratories

To improve the academic services correctly and the students research and skill to use the computer, UMM facilitates them with computer laboratories. There are more that 100 computer available in that laboratories.

  1. Language Laboratory

The language laboratory is a facility for teaching and learning process. It helps the students much in mastering the target language, both as active and passive learners.