The following is a collection of portals used to support the process of completing undergraduate studies in the UMM Animal Science Department:

KHS Info (Study Results Card) is the UMM student portal for campus administration. This portal contains Student Profiles, Study Results, KRS (Study Plan Card), Tuition fees, Library, UMM LSP Certification Registration, Judiciary, and Graduation. Other administrative activities such as registration for campus events (guest lectures, workshops, seminars and other student activities) are also accessed through this portal: Info KHS

Blended learning model developed by UMM with combines the concept student centered learning (SCL) and personalized learning (PL) with polysynchronous learning interaction patters, hopefully more effective in the application of teaching and learning activities : LMS

Final Project Management Information System (SIM-TA) is a system that can assist the process of carrying out Final Project (TA) preparation activities by students starting from the registration process to the graduation or Judicial process. Software support in this case is really needed to help students make good choices and find out what information about the TA they will take in the hope of increasing the On Time Graduation (KTW) rate: SIM-TA

SKPI (Performance Companion Certificate) is a collection of activities that students have participated in while they were students in the UMM Animal Science department. These activities can be academic activities (seminars, LKTI, etc.) or non-academic activities (organizations, sports, etc.). This SKPI is mandatory for UMM animal science students as a requirement for Judicial and Graduation. Each activity has its own credit points according to the scheme and level. Animal Sceience students are required to collect a minimum of 350 credit points to be able to take the judiciary. This activity aims to provide more experience for students apart from learning activities in class, so that graduates of the animal science department have plus points: SKPI

PKM-OLIReS is a student portal for collecting PKM (Student Creativity Program). As a student at the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science, you are required to create a PKM and upload it to this portal at least once while you are a student at the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science UMM. This PKM is also a requirement to be able to do the final project exam. PKM-OLIReS

KKN (Student Community Service) is an activity carried out by UMM Undergraduate Program students which is a combination of educational activities, field research and community service. KKN is held by the University every semester and must be taken by UMM Undergraduate Program students and guided by the KKN supervisor. The place to carry out KKN is determined by the UMM Community Service Institute. KKN participants are Strata 1 students who are at least in semester 6 and have taken 100 credits and have taken research methodology courses or similar courses. The weight of Student Community Service credits is 4 credits which are carried out at least 1 month of training and 1 month at the KKN location. KKN evaluation and assessment is carried out based on the KKN Implementation Guidelines: SIM-KKN

iQASS (Integrated Quality Assurance and Survey Systems) adalah sistem informasi manajemen untuk mengelola penerapan sistem penjaminan mutu internal bidang akademik dan nonakademik di Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang: iQASS