The Animal Science Department curriculum continues to be evaluated and updated following developments in science and user (Stakeholder) requests. The evaluation and curriculum change process is carried out through two processes, namely a review by internal lecturers which is carried out every year and a review involving stakeholders every four years. The following is a history of curriculum developments that have been carried out over the last 10 years:

No Student Year Curriculum Name
1 2014-2016 KKNI
2 2017-2019 KPT
3 2020 KPT (3+1)
4 2021 - Now OBE

Curriculum Overview of Animal Science Department

Sequence of Animal Science Department 

Correlation between ELOs ASD and SSC ASIIN
SSC ASIIN Expected Learning Outcomes ASD
SSC 8 - Agriculture, Forestry, Food Sciences, and Landscape Architecture
Matrix The Contribution by Each Course to Expected Learning Outcomes (ELO) and Stakeholders (SH)
    ELOs SHs
Code Courses 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
120350044 AIK I       S S S   X            
120350045 AIK II       S S S   X            
120350046 AIK III       S S S   X            
120350047 AIK IV       S S S   X            
110351876 Pancasila         S S   X            
520350937 Civics           S   X            
110350189 Indonesian L S         S   X     X X X
220350200 Receptive Skill of ESP M S   S     x   X X   X X X
220350201 Productive Skills of ESP M S                        
420352666 Thesis   S     S S S X X   X X   X
410351260 Technology Information and Communication L       S S S   X   X X   X
210350638 Animal Physics M S                        
210351168 Animal Chemistry S S                        
210350242 Statistics L S   M M       X         X
210350251 Animal Biology S S                        
210351482 Animal Mathematics L M                        
310350044 Introduction Knowledge Agriculture S               X          
210351927 Livestock Economy M M S S         X     X X X
310350242 Biochemistry S S             X         X
310353486 Microbiology S S             X          
310353436 Animal Reproductive Science S S             X          
310352890 Methods and Writing Scientific L S M       S   X     X   X
210350679 Animal Breeding and Genetics M                          
210350913 Nutrition and Feed Science S S             X          
310353438 Poultry Business Management M M S S X     X X     X X X
210353487 Poultry Health Management S S M           X          
210353488 Feed Technology M M M           X          
310350916 Breeding and Hatchery Management M M M   X       X          
210350178 Poultry Feed Formulation and Technology S S S S X       X          
210353489 Basis of Dairy  Ruminant S S S   X       X          
310353490 Basis of Beef Ruminant S S S   X       X          
310353491 Basis of Poultry Production S S S   X       X          
410351463 Dairy Ruminant Management S M S M X       X         X
410351464 Beef Ruminant Management S M S M X       X         X
410351465 Poultry Production Management S M S M X       X         X
210355013 Closed House System Management S M S M X       X         X
310355014 Livestock Company Management S M S M X       X         X
310352925 Animal Product Processing Technology M L M M         X         X
310353495 Livestock Post-Harvest Technology M M S M         X         X
310350269 Animal Biotechnology M M                        
410353499 Agropreneurship M M S S S S S X X   X X X X
410352255 Field Study and Community Services M M M S S S S X X   X X X X
Note: S: Strong; M: Medium; L: Low