Meeting of the Founding and Fostering Professional Class of Poultry (KPU) Team

Sunday, December 12, 2021 08:10 WIB   Peternakan

Department of Animal Science, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held an activity for the Founding and Fostering Professional Class Team of Poultry (12/12) at Amarta Hills Hotel & Resort. "This event aims to improve the curriculum for the professional class of poultry that has been carried out since 2018," said Dr. Ir. Abdul Malik, MP., IPU as the class coordinator. The event was attended by representatives of PT. Jatinom Indah Farm (JIF), PT Charoen Phokpand (CP), PT Sanbe, PT Mensana, and PT Sapta Karya Megah (SKM) as industrial partners for the livestock study program in implementing the professional poultry class (KPU). Dr. H. Fauzan, M.Pd. UMM Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor (Warek) 1, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP), and Lecturers of the KPU Team for Animal Husbandry Study Programs were also present at the event. This event took place from 09.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB, which was started with the opening by Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si as Warek 1 of UMM. In the opening process, he stated that it was not easy to gather the industrial world (Dudi) in one room together. He also said that KPU was always used as a role model by the Chancellor of UMM for other superior classes. After that, a friendly meeting was held with the Dean of FPP and the Animal Husbandry Study Program. In this session, the introduction of the new deans, as well as the chairman and secretary of the livestock study program, was carried out.

KPU is the superior class of livestock study programs designed by the UMM husbandry study program team and also industry partners. In this program, KPU students in semester 6 will study directly in the industry for 6 months, and those who act as teachers are practitioners from each industry partner. This class was formed to create professional staff in the poultry sector who are ready to work, thereby shortening the waiting period to work and getting a sufficient salary. The KPU evaluation begins with the presentation of the performance of batches 1 and 2 that have been and are currently running. Hidayaturrahman, SE, MM. as CEO of PT JIF conveyed the shortcomings of batch 1 which had been perfected in batch 2. The CEO of PT JIF also said that in batch 2, KPU students were allowed to directly hold one cage as if they were supervisors with the assistance of experts from the industry.

In this event, the discussion about the independent learning of the independent campus (MBKM) was also discussed. Animal husbandry study program through PermenDikBud No. 3 of 2020: article 18 (1,2,3) will be equivalent to an internship for 1 semester with 20 credits so that KPU students can graduate quickly in 3.5 to 4 years, said the Coordinator of the Poultry professional class. With this equivalence, KPU students don't need to be afraid of graduating late because they do an industrial internship for one semester. (ASI)