The graduates of the Poultry Professional Class (KPU), the Department of Animal Science University of Muhammadiyah Malang Conducted Training on the crisis management of the laying hens business

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 05:56 WIB   Administrator

Blitar- Poultry Professional Class (KPU) is one of the superior classes owned by the UMM Department of Animal Science. This class is designed to answer the demands of the industry and expects graduates of animal husbandry to be ready to work in the poultry industry. To make this happen, in semester 6 KPU students will study for 6 months in the partner industry of the Department of the Animal Science Muhammadiyah University of Malang. They will be educated and cared for directly by the industry, so they will be familiar and tough with the industrial world. One of the efforts to educate them about the industrial world is by holding crisis management training for the laying hens business. This event was held at the Joglo Jatinom Blitar Restaurant on Tuesday (28/12). Sigit Prasetyo, SE. as one of the owners of PT Jatinom Indah Farm (JIF) acted as an instructor in these activities. A total of 20 KPU students who are completing their studies at PT JIF act as participants. In addition, this activity was also attended by representatives of UMM Livestock Lecturers as KPU's supporting team and PT JIF's farm supervisor who acted as PIC of each KPU participant while on the farm.

"In a crisis, don't be proud to sell assets to save your business," said the eldest son of PT JIF founder Sigit Prasetyo. The training is carried out using a student center learning system. Participants were given several examples of crises that have occurred in Indonesia from the 1960s to those that occurred in 2020-2021 recently. One of the owners of PT JIF directed the participants to understand what was going on during the crisis and how to overcome it. Some of the KPU participants were intrigued and asked how PT JIF as one of the companies engaged in laying hens has overcome the problem of egg prices which had fallen for almost 3 months a few days ago. The middle-aged man calmly replied 'in business, we must be able to measure our breath'. Never be prestige in doing business. Furthermore, he also explained that PT JIF carried out a five-finger strategy to overcome the crisis. Two of these strategies are the immediate rejection of laying hens that are approaching the rejection period and also laying hens that are under 3 months old.

This training ran smoothly until it was completed in approximately 2 hours. Participants seemed enthusiastic SIin participating in the event. There were several discussions between participants and instructors during the training process. At the end of the event, the CEO of PT JIF gave directions to the participants to always try to find something new every time they pass. (ASI)