The Livestock department is for the natural resources empowerment aimed to optimize, process, and sell the livestock products. Applying the alumni-competence-based curriculum, it is the livestock science and technology mastery comprehensively which includes : breeding, feeding, management, disease control, animal product and waste technology, and marketing. Those are supported by the skill mastery. The curriculum arrangement is based on the the department competence, so the alumni are qualified in terms of :

1.      The Livestock production management

2.      Ransum formulation computerization

3.      The Livestock health and environment processing

4.      The Livestock breeding

5.      Food safety-based concept livestock products processing

6.      Marketing, problem solving, and leadership

7.      Planning and evaluating the livestock products, and the livestock products processing industry and distribution.

8.      Quality Control

9.      Credit and Banking.




            The production units in livestock department are :

·        Livestock food mini industry

·        The livestock farms

·        Chicken slaughterhouse

·        Waste, eggshell, milk, meat products

·        Biogas Installation

·        The Livestock Forage




            The Livestok department is aimed to create the qualified alumni. That is why it is important to have the alumni ready with the theories and apply them in society through the main programs, such as :


1.      Professional Course


The department, cooperates with the many companies, industries, and the Livestock Department Office, hold a professional course, which is aimed to master the skills.

2.      Skill Course

      Through this course, the alumni are expected to have specific skill in order to improve their carrier. The program includes : Inseminator Course, Managerial and Entrepreneurship, Ransum Computerization, and Livestock Health Course.


3.      Apprenticeship


      The students have to take the apprenticeship program for a month in any livestock companies or industries. The program is to improve the students' knowledge in terms of the industries activities.


4.      Praktek Usaha Peternakan (PUP)

PUP is a program for the graduates as one of the final assignments. The students are demanded to be able to manage the livestock business, from supplying the input, processing, producing, till marketing. This program is aimed to prepare the alumni mentality as the professional and independent Livestock graduates.




The alumni will get many certificates, such as :

·        English Course Certificate

·        Inseminator Certificate

·        HMJ Apprenticeship Certificate

·        Ransum Formulation and Computerization Certificate

·        Company Apprenticeship Certificate

·        SLivestock Health Course Certificate

·        Livestock Business Practice Certificate



The alumni are those who have qualified academic and skill, so they can work at any field, such as :

·       Entrepreuner

·        Livestock Industries : Farms, Nurseries, Food Industries, Medicine, Food Processing Industries.

·    Government Office : Livestock Department Office, Agriculture Department Office, Cooperates, Labor Department Office, and Artificial Insemination Center (Balai Inseminasi Buatan).

·        Banks

·        Lecturers




Most 90 percent of the Livestock alumni are competent to work at any fields. About 10 percent of them work at private companies, 2 percent at governance offices, 70 percent as entrepreneurs, and 1 percent as lecturers.




The department has already cooperated with many companies, such as : PT. Wonokoyo Jaya Corporindo, PT. Charoen Pokphan Jaya Farm, PT. Malindo FeedMill. Tbk, PT. Sierad Produce Tbk., and PT. Panca Patriot Prima.




            To create the qualified alumni, the department is helped by some supporting agencies. The assistances are in form of training program, researches, community services, companies apprenticeship, work placing, and asset lending for the alumni, such as :

·        The Livestock Department Office I and II

·        The Government of Malang and Blitar

·        Koperasi Susu (SAE, Batu, Pujon, Ngantang, Nongko Jajar)

·        PT. Wonokoyo Jaya Corporindo.

·        PT. Charoen Pokphan Jaya Farm.

·        PT. Malindo FeedMill. Tbk

·        PT. Sierad Produce Tbk.

·        PT. Panca Patriot Prima.

·        IPPTP Grati, Pasuruan.

·        BPPPT

·        Banks (BNI dan BRI).